Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something brewing... Not ready for Prime Time.

It's been quiet on the blogging front for awhile.  Things have been pretty quiet at work and nothing of great value has been discovered.  I have been playing with WPF and WCF a bit.  I hooked up BTS 2006 to a WCF Send Port which was pretty cool.  I didn't think the transport properties form was very "friendly".  There were several values that were provided as drop-downs, but the drop-down boxes were empty.  I had to go to the BTSNTSVC.exe.config file to determine the proper values.  Once I got beyond that, I was rockin' and rollin'.  I'm thinking of setting up a VM with R2 on it and playing with it a little more.  I'll post my findings as they come.  Other than that, I have really enjoyed playing with WPF and LINQ.  Some very cool stuff, not what I am doing, but the technology. :)