Tuesday, August 7, 2007

BizTalk - fatal error X1001: unknown system exception

The other day I ran across a very puzzling error: fatal error X1001: unknown system exception

Fortunately, the error message was so descriptive; I was able to resolve my problem right away.

Ok, so I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what I had done wrong that would produce such a nasty error. Upon closing Visual Studio and re-opening the solution, I still received the same error message. Google and newsgroups proved to be of little help - a rare occurrence for me. Unfortunately, "unknown system exception" could stand for a variety of problems. However, I did stumble across one link that managed to solve my problem.

Jan Eliasen's post definitely got me back on track. Essentially, I had created a decision block to "comment" out some code. However, in my else branch, I had a Call Orchestration shape. Apparently, BizTalk does not like to have a Call or Start Orchestration shape at an unreachable code location.

Since I was using a 1==1 expression as my first rule, the else branch would never be reached.

As I see it, there are 2 workarounds:

  1. Delete the Start/Call Orchestration shape from the "unreachable code"
    1. The only problem with this option is you have to remember to put it back.
  2. Use a variable instead of 1 == 1
    1. The trick would be to declare a variable (i) with a default value of 1. Then, use the expression i == 1. A little crude, but it works.

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Jas said...

I also happened to notice same error but in a different scenario. In my orchestration, the Start Orch shape was rendered "unreachable" due to a correlation issue on the receive locations that preceded Start Orch shape. Correcting the correlation resolved the issue. It is good to know biztalk "catches" this issue at design time when Start/Call shape become unreachable.