Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Search and Replace Pipeline Component

Ok. So this isn't the fanciest of things, but it really saved my bacon.

Problem: I have a predefined flat file schema to transform a fixed-length positional file. However, for some unknown reason, random records in the file extend beyond extend beyond the specified record length. I was able to deduce that those records consistently contained a certain value instead of what was expected. They should have been passing a series of zeroes, but instead converted them to decimals. Instead of 00000000 I was getting 00000000.00000000. I tried a few other solutions, but wound up with the need for a custom pipeline component.

I will assume you are somewhat familiar with the creation of pipeline components. I am certainly no expert myself. For further details, check this page out (MSDN - Developing Pipeline Components) or give Google a shot.

First, I declared my 2 properties:

private string searchString = null;
[System.ComponentModel.Description("Find what:")]
public string SearchString
    get { return searchString; }
    set { searchString = value; }

private string replaceString = null;
[System.ComponentModel.Description("Replace with:")]
public string ReplaceString
    get { return replaceString; }
    set { replaceString = value; }

Then, I created my IBaseComponent Members: Description, Name, and Version.

And then, I created my IPersistPropertyBag Members: GetClassID, InitNew, Load, and Save.

And then, I created my IComponentUI Members: Icon.

Finally, I created my IComponent Members: Execute. This is the heart of the component where the real work is performed. Essentially, I take the message, extract the BodyPart and load the BodyPart's Data in to a StreamReader. Now I am able to load the context of the message in to a string and perform my simple search and replace. This sample does not handle for case sensitivity, or anything super fancy as I only did what fit my needs.

IBaseMessage Microsoft.BizTalk.Component.Interop.IComponent.Execute(IPipelineContext pContext, IBaseMessage pInMsg)
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("Begin Execute method for Search and Replace pipeline component.");
    IBaseMessagePart bodyPart = pInMsg.BodyPart;
    string tmpString = "";
    if (bodyPart != null)
            System.IO.StreamReader sr = new System.IO.StreamReader(bodyPart.Data);

            tmpString = sr.ReadToEnd();

            System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("Replacing [{0}] with [{1}].", this.searchString, this.replaceString));
            tmpString = tmpString.Replace(this.searchString, this.replaceString);

            System.IO.MemoryStream strm = new System.IO.MemoryStream(ASCIIEncoding.Default.GetBytes(tmpString));
            strm.Position = 0;
            bodyPart.Data = strm;
        catch (System.Exception ex)
            throw ex;


    return pInMsg;

If you are interested in full source, please drop me a line.


JD said...

I think this is exactly what I need I am recieving a document with the invalid charater of Ê in it and I need to go threw and delete these out in order to process the document. However I have to experience in creating a pipline component could you send me the source to this Please it would be a great help

Vishal said...

I am struggling with the same issue from weeks...!!
It would be gr8 if u can share the code for the pipeline.


Brian said...

I don't think I have this code around any more. Too many computer changes between now and then. However, if you look at my post for PGP Encryption, you should be able to see what I did in the pipelines as I am sure I did the copy/paste to get things started. If noththing else, at least the framework should be in place. You just need to add in your specific implementation.

It Guru said...

Thank you for taking the time and sharing this information with us.

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